At, we can help you capture value from your data, and increase your span of control through remote operation.

Our industry solutions improve uptime, reduce costs, automate maintenance requests and consumable re-ordering, and notify you of urgent events.

Solutions are delivered in collaboration with our network of hardware, integrators, and communications partners.

Some industrial solutions we can assist with:

Buffer utilization

Effective utilization of buffers in a system ensures supplies are available when needed and costs of storage are minimised. For water storage in agriculture, forecast of future demand from forecast rainfall and evaporation data can be paired with current water levels to automate a pumping regime that minimises costs and achieves acceptable risk of running out of water.

Predictive maintenance

By remotely monitoring run-time for machines, or performance features, like back-pressure on a filter, maintenance or replacement orders can be automated. This removes administrative burden of monitoring, avoids un-necessary maintenance, and reduces the risk of quality impacts.

Downstream demand forecasting

Remote monitoring of stock levels held by your customers allows you to automate re-ordering, and minimise your stock levels held on site. This reduces your cost of product holding, increases revenue by avoiding missed sales opportunities, and increases value to your customer by ensuring stock is always available.

Convert products to service

Remote monitoring and control enabled by a web platform allows companies that traditionally sell products, to offer a service. This often creates greater value for their customers and results in greater gross profits. Don’t sell water treatment systems, sell clean water.

Urgent event detection

Failure of remote assets can go undetected for long periods of time. If failure results in high business risk, deploying long range low energy sensors to detect issues achieves a set and forget solution to these low risk high impact assets.

Success stories

Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines assisted the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) to configure a set-up in the cloud platform to automate notifications to 40+ landholders.

As part of the project feature that allowed us to hide notification limits that the landholder was not subscribed to, and worked through a method by which we could subscribe each landholder prior to inviting them to the platform to minimise steps required.

The system maximises the availability of water for landholders and increases convenience - they previously had to manually inspect and assess flows at take point when they noticed it was raining, this resulted in them missing out on water, and was not convenient.

The cloud platform has the ability to add functionality in future, by allowing for remote or automatic actuation of pumps to increase convenience and ensure entitlements are exercised to the maximum extent possible, and to measure flows at each pump to meet the department’s record keeping requirements.

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