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Connect, configure and control your data logger fleet from the cloud.

Connect, configure and control your data logger fleet from the cloud.

Transform your time-series data into actionable information

Designed for system integrators and consultants, is a tool to connect sensor data to decision makers. Acquire data in real-time from any data logger or text file, receive alerts for critical events, and share access with your clients.

  • End-to-end data management for integrators
  • Manage a portfolio of clients from one interface using your brand
  • Calculate new values in real time, predict the future
  • Not just visualisation - can manage and control edge devices

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Transform the way you work with time-series data

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Every interaction is so fast and fluid you'll forget you're using a web browser. Avoid the road-blocks of legacy systems, and discover the power of real-time. As events occur in the field you'll instantly see the results on screen.

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Take control of who can access, configure and administer your network or subscribe to notifications when things change. Empower field teams with instant answers and supercharge the way you secure and share your data with others.

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air quality and compliance

Avoid non-compliance with licence conditions and minimise downtime with effective targeted corrective action. Deploy continuous air quality sensors (eg. Libellium Smart Environment Pro) at the sensitive locations of a construction site, mine or coal rail, and get real time information on particle deposition rates. If rates exceed limits, will send SMS notifications to staff working in the area (or actuate a site alarm via a command from the interface) triggering corrective action. Staff can log into their account to identify non-conforming areas to allow them to make quick and correct decisions (e.g., water a stockpile, move construction works to an up-wind area). If sprinklers are connected to a Campbell Scientific Logger, mitigation measures can be actuated with a button push from the secure platform.

air quality and compliance

In aquaculture, dashboards give each site operator a real time understanding of performance. The portfolio view allows all site data to be aggregated to give corporate headquarters a helicopter view of operations. By measuring Dissolved oxygen (DO) of floating aquaculture sea pens, site operators can receive SMS notifications for critical events, and emails for sub-critical events. When combined with and connected to aerating equipment, such as that produced by our hardware partner Pentair, operators have the ability to receive notifications and actuate aerators to manage low DO through our web interface. Early trials by an hardware integrator indicate the ROI of remote DO monitoring and aeration has reduced losses from fish mortality by $2 million dollars over a 12 month period.

energy monitoring

Large private institutions such as Universities often have large solar arrays, local storage, and generators together with grid connections. can be used in an application such as this to target panel cleaning to the dirtiest panels. By determining energy yield by unit area of panel, it is easy to identify which panels need attention. Transmission losses can be determined by comparing computed and measured current. Strong ROI can be gained by notifying operators to fire up generators and charge site battery stores, avoiding the need to buy grid energy at peak rates. Predictive analytics require use of our HTTP API and post processing of data using relationships established from theoretical models or statistical analysis of data at rest.


Streaming bridge monitoring data from structural and seismic monitoring systems allows asset managers to receive alerts and alarms, notifying potentially expensive or dangerous failures before they occur. Maintenance teams may use smart filters to eliminate or order site inspections based on need for maintenance. By applying a scoring engine (using our HTTP API), engineers may weight various factors to determine a risk score by bridge, to better target maintenance and repair efforts and increase utility from a budgeted spend. Data loggers and sensors produced by our hardware partner Campbell Scientific are ideally suited to gather the required data to stream to

oil and gas

Oil and gas end users use to to monitor the height of water in desalination ponds. Large companies running SCADA systems are also choosing to sync data to the cloud platform, to allow site operators to build custom dashboards and set alerts that make sense for their workflow. is a great tool for data hording companies to securely democratize this data with a large and dispersed workforce.

transport and safety

Storms and flooding can quickly become a severe threat to public safety. Local councils monitor depth of water over roads, view CCTV images of river crossings, and make use of notifications to push alerts to local SES officers. Flood warning sirens, traffic signs and road gates in remote locations can be quickly activated by authorized personnel. Prospect Group have a strong capability in deploying hardware for this purpose. can also be used for real-time tracking of vehicles and other assets for fleet management, team safety and compliance.

water quality and compliance is used for dashboard display and to chart data generated from water quality and quantity sensors. Environmental compliance officers can make informed decisions and react quickly as parameters change. Miners can measure and track pond depth, receiving alerts when depth is too high (risking environmental discharge), or too low (affecting operations). Network pipe systems can identify leaks or unusual trends by comparing actual pressure or flow at a point against modelled values (requiring use of our HTTP API).

weather monitoring and forecasting

Connect meteorological stations to and see in real time your site current and historic rainfall and wind sensor data. Trigger alerts to relevant people when certain events occur (e.g. 100mm of rain in a 24 hour period requiring site inspection). See dynamic wind-roses that allow you to view trends (last day, last week, etc.) and get alerts when wind direction or speed is likely to cause off-site impacts. Get notified when your system fails to connect. Stream nearby published met data to run a comparison and get alerts when significant differences occur (potential hardware error). Set alerts when wind, rain, or humidity exceed or drop below levels that are meaningful to you.

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